Menu Options

Our tried and true menus have proved themselves to withstand the rigors of a Grand trip.  We consistently update and revise our menu options based on the feedback of guests, continually striving to ensure we have a menu that fits the needs of your group.  Use one as is, or feel free to use as a starting point, and switch / substitute meals as needed. If you’re customizing, put your changes into the document, save it, and email it to us. 

General Menu
A great combination of light and hearty meals perfect for any time of year         

Hearty Winter Menu
Hearty, higher calorie meals for cold weather trips, with a mix of hot and cold breakfasts

Light Summer Menu
Lighter menu options with mostly quick, cold breakfasts and smaller portions for warmer weather

Vegetarian Menu
Vegetarian dishes or dishes with optional meat add-ins; great for mixed groups and pescatarians

Quick Prep Menu
Meals that all take under 30 min to cook, great menu for those who want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. 

Gluten free Menu,
yes, it is true! An entire menu with no gluten in it! 

With hundreds of meal options to choose from, you can design your own menu from scratch from any of our meal options.  A great option if you have trip members who have dietary restrictions, allergies or preferences, as you can choose meals that suit their needs.